Shopping Policies

☑️ When Can I initiate a return?
You received a wrong product
You received a damaged product on the day of delivery

☑️What I can’t return
Physically damaged items cannot be returned or exchanged
Non intact items with no original packaging
Items which whose accessories are lost or damaged
Items with visible signs of wear.

☑️How do I start to return an Item?
Please call, text or WhatsApp us on 0701-178-146 to initiate your return process.

☑️How long will it take to get a refund/make a replacement after I return an item.
The refund period starts from the day the item is returned. The refund or returned is picked up by our delivery person replacement will be processed within 10 working days

☑️Can I return a product after the stated timeline expires?
You will not be able to return the products and the return attempt will be rejected
All items are under 6 months – 2 years warranty.
If the return timeline expires. You are entitled to free service as guided by the warranty conditions.